, 2018-07-27 07:59:52

Body and Paintwork Service

Shine out from the crowd.

Little bumps and dents can and do happen. But there’s no need to worry when our Body and Paintwork Service can quickly repair them for you. We follow the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles guidelines to the letter and only repair damage with Volkswagen Genuine Parts® and Genuine paints. So your warranties are not affected.

It’s important that your vehicle looks well cared for.

So we make it shine.

Our Tip!

Treat your car to a professional paintwork care service.

Our professional paintwork care service provides excellent protection to keep your Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle looking its best for longer.
Regular deep polishes and professional rust-proofing will make sure your vehicle looks brand new for years to come. 
When the paintwork stops repelling water, it’s time to get your vehicle’s rust-proofing topped up.
Let our experts help.

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